Exactly one year ago Berlin-based experimental rock band Hemm Rohm have released their »Shade Olympics« EP on vinyl. While the band is working on their 2nd longplayer, VOJD artist »Int/r« transform three delightful tracks of HR into interstellar drones. Grainy guitar textures and interwoven sound tapestries merge into light without getting lost in dark matter. Watch the stars scintillating by listening to this little release. Many thanks to our friends from Hemm Rohm for this intergalactic interaction.


Anthese's work »Light« reveals a 39-minute ambient drive, wherein warm ambient textures shift into dense blurry tones. The accoustic stream ends in a pleasant feeling of melancholia ~ silent but not lonely.

License: CC BY-SA 3.0 DE
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Our first digital release of Int/r (also known under the moniker Marow from his earlier releases) deals with the natural interplay of transience and genesis on its inexorable way through light and darkness. Thus specific spirits remain, and something else might be gone, and affect us in our variety of opportunities. This experience may be reflected in the drones of »Vanitas«, whose 8 tracks float warmly within fractional interruptions of little noises. Rather it's an unobstrusive journey, that melt together with the personal perspective of the listener.